The Belgians are Coming! The Belgians are Coming!

The Belgians are Coming! The Belgians are Coming!

While you worried about foreigners sneaking over the Mexican border, they snuck in from Europe and stole your beer! The Belgians are coming! The Belgians are coming! They bought Budweiser! They’ll probably cook the Budweiser Clydesdales and eat them!

Sorry . . . got carried away there a minute. No need to get excited. The Clydesdales will be well-appreciated. Belgians love viande chevaline (paardenvlees), especially in the horsetrading city of Vilvoorde, where the dubbele paardensteak is especially prized.

But what about Cindy? GOP First Lady Presumptive Cindy Lou McCain is the hereditary Anheuser-Busch Princess of Phoenix, a kingdom worth millions. Now that Belgian flag InBev is buying Anheuser-Busch, will Mrs. McCain, Senatorial wife and possible First Lady, be required to register as an agent of a foreign country? Will Belgian InBev demand payment in Arizona horseflesh?

The Belgians are Coming! the Belgians are coming!

Images by Mike licht. Download top image here and bottom image here. Cultural Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

23 Responses to “The Belgians are Coming! The Belgians are Coming!”

  1. Lawrence E. Rafferty Says:

    I vote for Cindy McCain to send her husband over to Belgium to handle any all arrangements for her. That is one job he may be able to handle without handling any nuclear weapons.

  2. Tiger Says:

    Maybe Cindy can run for Prime Minister of Belgium? Why not, some people here, in “high places”, said “Awnold” should be allowed to run. We’re ignoring our Constitution so why not forget Belgian law? : )

    Then we can conduct a hostile takeover of Belgium!

    It all boils down to the International trade usurping whatever “nationalism” we have left. That’s why we still buy oil from the financiers of terrorism – the Saudis.

  3. Drea Says:

    They say grilled Clydesdale tastes mighty good with Bass. I mean, InBev’s Bass. Wait…I mean, Anheuser Busch InBev’s Bass Ale, now sold in China at a store near you.

  4. vandepotgerukte Says:

    At last. Now maybe we will improve the beer so that it is drinkeable.

    Was getekend

  5. DR Says:

    First they stole my Labatt’s Blue and then they stole my Toronto Blue Jays and then they sold us back the Blue Jays, but not my beer.

    The Jays have sucked ever since.

    I don’t know what those damn Belgies did to the Jays, but I have refused to watch another Hercule Poirot mystery on the BBC ever since.

    boo hoo…crying in my beer

  6. Mike Licht Says:


    I’m giving up Belgian waffles until they stop eating horsies .

    I would boycott Belgian chocolate, too, except that it’s . . . Belgian chocolate.

  7. vandepotgerukte Says:

    Hercule Poirot is a fictional character written by Agatha Christie.

    Was getekend

  8. PEPPONE Says:

    Greetings from Brazil and Belgium!!!
    (INBEV Stands for INterbrew – Belgium + AmBEV – Brazilian)
    I´m very happy to inform you that from now on americans will be tasting REAL beers!!!
    This deal is to be taken as a sign of times for U.S. arrogancy worldwide. Have your icon beer sold out to Belgium and Brazil doesn’t feel good, does it?
    Wait for the next chapter scenes…
    Brazilian Ethanol is also coming to you in large amounts just as I post, so you will be able to taste OUR Alcohol on both your cars (oops, I ment your japonese cars) and your stomachs!!!

    Happy news to the world!!!

  9. Mike Licht Says:


    Perhaps this will help Americans understand that all 21st Century corporations are globalized. Maybe not; we’re pretty dense.

    If the InBev corporation is the result of a Brazilian-Belgian merger, does this mean we will have to eat feijoada made with horsemeat while drinking Bud?

    The world is sure getting confusing.

  10. petescully Says:

    I lived in belgium and never heard of anyone eating horse; it’s pretty rare. More common in French butchers. Frites, Mussels, Cheese, Chocolate, that’s what they eat ib belgium, washed down with plenty of beer.

  11. Mike Licht Says:


    If you look at the links, you will see that French horsemeat butchers prize the horseflesh imported from Belgium. It does seem to be a regional specialty, though. If you look up Vilvoorde in the Brabant in a Belgian guidebook, it probably says “see ‘horsemeat.'”

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  14. Geoff Says:

    Yes, We’re coming with our army of drunk monks 😀

    No, seriously, I’m Belgian, Bud is not a bad beer, not a good one but it might become the Big Mac of beer around the world… That’s not that bad for Americans.

  15. DR Says:

    Drunk Monk ale…goes down great after a hard day of blogging and wenching

  16. Eurodog Says:

    Belgium is known for its beer and not for eating horsemeat. Vilvoorde is hardly a reference eventhough there is a restaurant specialising in horse steak. It’s called De Cuyper if I recall but seriously horsemeat is never mentioned in day to day conversations and is no big deal. So let’s not blow it out of proportion. Let’s concentrate on beer. Good lager and monastery beer ( Trappist and so on ). We have other good things as you all know: chocolate, chips with mayo, mussels, Jacques Brel, bloodhounds ( Saint Hubert Hound ), lace, Bruges, diamonds in Antwerp, and more, much more.
    Sorry but are all these references to McCain, references to McCain frozen oven chips? Vive la Belgique. Lang leve België.

  17. Mike Licht Says:


    Since any joke that needs explanation is obviously not funny, and this post has been widely circulated, I will assume the humor loses something in translation. Of course PETA won’t find it funny, but that is a horse of a different color, as we say here.

    Americans regard Budweiser, best-selling beer in the USA, as something of a national symbol. Clydesdale draft horse teams pull replica Budweiser beer wagons at our rural fairs and appear in advertising. The relative fame of Vilvoorde’s De Kuiper restaurant (founded 1859) and its signature dish and American repugnance about eating horseflesh help me spoof American xenophobia and over-concern about globalization. The title of this post suggests the name of a 1966 American film about fear of foreigners.

    Belgian restaurants are actually the latest craze in the USA and, despite their high price, Belgian beers are quite popular.

    Perhaps Budweiser should trade the big, expensive Clydesdale for the Belgian Saint Hubert Hound (Chien de Saint-Hubert) or Bouvier des Flandres (Vlaamse Koehond).

    P.S.: The McCains of the food company are Canadian, apparently no relation to the candidate, and McCain potato products are not very popular in the USA. Senator McCain’s wife is the third largest Budweiser distributor in the USA, not what we call small potatoes.

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  22. WB Says:

    a bit late replying to this discussion. I was actually looking for some info on the horse restaurant mentioned in some of the posts. As for Stella taking on the world of beer (yes InBev was once just Stella, then it started expanding, apparently students -of the Leuven uni right next door to the brewery- spend lots of money on beer) is a good thing. It allows us Belgians to enjoy a proper beer anywhere we go in the world, instead of having to drink to local ‘pisswater’. I need a kings ransom to do so, but even in Australia I can enjoy the Belgian beers gladly exported by InBev. But there’s nothing that beats a good Oud Beersel ( And that I cannot get over here.

  23. Mike Licht Says:

    WB wrote: I was actually looking for some info on the horse restaurant mentioned in some of the posts.

    Why put horse on the menu? You have hoppin’ good Aussie tucker down there — kangaroo meat.

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