Belgians Invade Capitol Hill!


The Belgians are coming! The Belgians are coming! Oh wait, we said that already, when they bought Budweiser. 

And the Belgians have already occupied Capitol Hill. We’ve been slurping mussels, beef stew, and Duvel beer at Bart Vandaele’s Belga Cafe on Barracks Row for a couple of years. But starting in January we can break bread for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Le Pain Quotidien, which is moving into the space just vacated by Bread and Chocolate at Pennsylvania Avenue and 7th Street, SE.

LPQ, as it is known to habitués, was founded by artisanal breadmaker Alain Coumont, and specializes in “Poor people’s food for the rich.” The happy smiling peasants of Georgetown and Old Town Alexandria have enjoyed LPQ natural breads, pastries, soups, sandwiches, and other goodies for some time now. Thank goodness Hill folk won’t have to walk a-l-l the way down the block to Marvelous Market or Eastern Market to get decent bread, or trek those three blocks to Firehook Bakery.

There’s more to LPQ than bread, though, and we look forward to working our way through the menu. and if you can’t wait until January, you can already sample the goods in Georgetown, Alexandria, Greenwich Village, Chelsea, Tribeca, Beverly Hills, Westwood, Santa Monica, Covent Garden, King’s Road, Wimbledon, Antwerp, Brussels, Paris, Gorky Park, Qatar, Kuwait, Istambul, Sydney . . . .

Oh, the name: French for “daily bread.” If the French is too hard to pronounce, just say it in Flemish: Het Dagelijks Brood.

Image by Mike Licht. The logo and name “Le Pain Quotidien” are registered trademarks of, um, Le Pain Quotidien, and are used to prevent brand confusion.


One Response to “Belgians Invade Capitol Hill!”

  1. Mike Licht Says:

    Update: Ed T. Barron reports another PQ going into the former Bagel City site on the corner of 49th Street and Massachusetts Avenue, NW. That will save Spring Valley folks the arduous trek to Georgetown or Alexandria.

    Ann Limpert reviewed the Georgetown Le Pain Quotidien for the December 2007 Washingtonian. and Jason Perlow does an exhastive review of the LPQ in NYC’s Chelsea.

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