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Welcome, DC Commuters

February 10, 2009

Welcome DC Commuters

Rich Green of Arlington, Virginia is upset. He drives his car across the Potomac to his job in Washington, DC five days a week and there are potholes in the road.

“Most of the potholes seem to stick around for months, and they can get to be more than six inches deep,” he wrote to the Washington Post. “Who is responsible for this section of road, and why don’t they repair the potholes …?” he asked.

Mr. Green did not ask who is responsible for causing the potholes or suggest who should pay for repairs.

Others fill in these potholes lacunae in Mr. Green’s complaint:


Eastern Market – Fresh Hours, Stale Management [UPDATE]

June 28, 2008

Fresh Hours and Stale Management UPDATE

Capitol Hill activists had hoped DC government would contract new managers for historic Eastern Market by now, but the inter-agency effort is predictably complex. The result: the city’s famous fresh food market will have the same stale management for another six months.

The good news: the market will be open longer hours starting next week, and restoration of the original building is proceeding on schedule.