About NotionsCapital

Commentary and Smart Remarks

Founded August 17, 2007.

Weekdays: Commentary and smart remarks on news events and culture by Mike Licht, Washington DC.

Weekends: Saturday morning cartoons, Sunday morning Gospel, and many kinds of music.

Mike Licht has worked for federal and local cultural agencies, private industry, public radio, and associations. He writes, plays music, and is often found cavorting with other peoples’ dogs in Lincoln Park in the company of lovely Anita The Water Lady.
He is not Mike Licht the CPA and former Denver City Auditor, not Mike Licht the muscle-car expert or the poet known as “Rhyet,” not the Mike Lichts from Iowa or Illinois or Cologne or North Carolina or Puerto Rico, not the German biochemist, not the physician, not the marathon runner, not the IT account exec, not the broker in Denmark, not the architect and video game designer, not the Russian-born Yiddish poet and translator, and not the Spanish Civil War veteran.
Graphics are “Digital Primitives,” constructed solely with the most primordial Microsoft tools (read about them here). Many of them can be downloaded for free under Creative Commons attribution license.
The city of Washington, District of Columbia, is Our Nation’s Capital, Seat of Government of the USA, and former Capital of the Free World. Citizens pay Federal income tax but have no vote in the U.S. Congress. As Frederick Douglass said in 1893: “Regarding their political rights, residents of the nation’s capital are not really citizens but practically aliens in their own country.”



6 Responses to “About NotionsCapital”

  1. Walter Craig Says:

    Good site, you’ve got yourself a reader!

  2. bibomedia.com Says:


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    […] Artwork credit Mike Licht/NotionsCapital […]

  4. mrb Says:

    Enjoy your PIC+WORD combinations. – markbrand

  5. Grok this! « Freda Zeh. Free to say. Says:

    […] about Governor Mark Sanford that I was grokking on a real story. Thanks to reader and blogger Mike Licht at NotionsCapital for the tip: “Sanford has a hot story but no book deal. How long can that […]

  6. Blog Love ~ Notions Capital | Just Fooling Around With Bee or The Bee Writes... Says:

    […] Kristallnacht. It is called “NotionsCapital” by Mike Licht and he is not (I quote his about page): Mike Licht the CPA and former Denver City Auditor, notMike Licht the muscle-car expert or […]

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