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GOP Declares Christmas Truce, Releases Hostages

December 22, 2011

GOP Declares Christmas Truce, Releases Hostages

House Republican leaders have finally agreed to a short-term extension of the payroll-tax break that saves working Americans money in these hard times. They had been holding middle-class families hostage on behalf of billionaire oil barons who want to build a huge multi-state pipeline without real review.

Don’t spend your savings too fast, wage-slaves. Like in the Christmas Truce of World War I, it will be back to the trenches in the New Year. Expect more extortionate demands from Congressional Republicans.

Happy Holidays.


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Welcome, DC Commuters

February 10, 2009

Welcome DC Commuters

Rich Green of Arlington, Virginia is upset. He drives his car across the Potomac to his job in Washington, DC five days a week and there are potholes in the road.

“Most of the potholes seem to stick around for months, and they can get to be more than six inches deep,” he wrote to the Washington Post. “Who is responsible for this section of road, and why don’t they repair the potholes …?” he asked.

Mr. Green did not ask who is responsible for causing the potholes or suggest who should pay for repairs.

Others fill in these potholes lacunae in Mr. Green’s complaint: