Blogosphere Record

Zooming up in Technorati Rank from #30 Million to #540,306 in one month! Zowie!

NotionsCapital has established what is thought to be a record throughout the Entire Known Blogosphere.

Yesterday, for the first time in 113 posts, these words appeared on this blog: George W. Bush.

Check for yourself. This blog was up for one full month without ever mentioning that name.

I’m amazed, too. Most blogs start their first posts with that name, followed by expletives or (rare now) benedictions, and continue to use it at least once daily. Even blogs with names like World o’ Guppies (“. . . scale rot due to pollution and Global Warming, thanks to . . .”) Action Accountant (“. . . deregulation and tax incentives due to the bold foresight of . . .”) and Scrap Metal Scraps (“. . . nary a decent chunk of copper or brass since that . . .”).

I promise not to make a habit of it here. I mean, what’s the point?

Of course the charming Laura and Jenna will continue to amuse and inspire us by naively assuming the American publishing industry shares their love of literature.

And then there are those nasty little Republicanines Miss Beazley and Barney . . . .


Image by Mike Licht

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