Audio Irony

Audio Irony

Congresswoman Jane Harman (D, CA-36) just learned that Federal invesigators secretly recorded her telephone conversations

Rep. Harman chairs the Intelligence Subcommittee of the House Committee on Homeland Security, which oversees such wiretapping.

But there’s more.

The Congresswoman is married to Dr. Sidney Harman, founder of a corporation that manufactures some of the finest audio recording equipment in the world.



Image by Mike Licht. “Harman International” and the associated logo are trademarks of that corporation, used to prevent brand confusion (the VU meter is not a Harman product). NotionsCapital received no consideration for this placement, not even a pair of earbuds. 

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One Response to “Audio Irony”

  1. proaudioguy Says:

    I used to be employed by Harman on the professional audio side of things, before it all started crashing and burning in summer 2007, just before Goldman Sachs and KKR bailed out of their planned purchase of the whole company (due diligence paid off for them at the last minute…).

    With Jane Harman as senator, you’d be amazed at the amount of government contracts that are awarded that have Harman Professional (JBL, Crown, SoundCraft, AKG, Studer, Lexicon, DBX, BSS) specified in them.

    Lots of government facilities nationwide get audio systems specified with Harman components. Large buildings, courthouses, military installations, even the Senate and House of Representatives…….

    Hartley Peavey (Peavey Corp.) is another whose company is involved in pro audio and used to get a significant share of these types of pro audio systems contracts. Hartley’s connection was Trent Lott, a good old boy pal who like Hartley, is from Mississippi. Once Trent Lott left the senate though, the opening in the door became wider for Harman to acquire more of this government business, and it continues to this day, every day….

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