Promoting DC Powerlessness

Promoting Powerlessness

The District of Columbia wants to preserve the erroneous preconceptions of potential visitors, and a local group is donating $3 million to the effort.

After a million-dollar development project, the Washington, DC Convention & Tourism Corp., newly renamed “Destination DC,” has chosen “Create Your Own Power Trip” as a motto to entice visitors to this residential city of 500,000. The nonprofit is starting a $2 million ad campaign based on the slogan. Part One is called “Power Play.” 

Destination DC wants the DC Government to kick in another $5 million of taxpayers’ funds to the campaign which, coincidently, kicks off with an ad featuring Mayor Fenty (above). Subtle. Talk about your power plays . . . .

We have power here, right? No vote in Congress, no property tax from embassies or the World Bank, no sales tax from those for-profit Smithsonian Shops, but we got power.

Everyone knows DC is a center of power. Everybody who lives here came from someplace else to work for the Federal government, right? Wrong. Well most people who live here work for the Federal government, right? Wrong. Well . . . since that’s what everyone who doesn’t live in DC believes, let’s run an ad campaign that gives that impression anyway. That will be great for the DC Vote effort, too; it shouldn’t set it back more than a decade.

(Psst, Mayor Fenty: I know you usually run in a jersey from your Dad’s shop, but this is a paid ad campaign, not a news story. Better re-check the rules on “appearance of a conflict of interest“).

“Create Your Own Power Trip.” So I guess everyone in town should start drinking this:

Power Trip Energy Drink

And let’s all start wearing motorcyle leathers from these folks:

Promoting DC Powerlessness

Cool beans.

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