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I Am Joe the Plumber

October 28, 2008

I Am Joe the Plumber

“Joe the Plumber,” Samuel J. Wurzelbacher, has been debunked as a phony partisan plant: a non-Joe, non-plumber, non-taxpayer,  a registered Republican (not an Independent) who would not pay more under the Obama tax plan even if he could afford to buy the substandard company he works for.

That didn’t stop the McCain campaign from producing last-shot TV spots based on the symbolic Joe, with citizens intoning “I am Joe the Plumber.” Senator McCain has been exhibiting the actual Mr. Wurzelbacher on the campaign trail as a kind of working-class mascot.

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Sarah and the Secessionists

October 8, 2008

Governor Palin’s Welcome Message to the 2008 Alaska Independence Party Convention.

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has neither confirmed nor denied reports that she attended the 1994 and 2000 Alaska Independence Party Conventions with her husband, Todd.  Mr. Palin was a registered member of the Alaska Independence Party from 1995 to 2002. The organization seeks the secession of Alaska from the United States of America.

Rosa Brooks of the Los Angeles Times reports a video of AIP Vice Chairman Dexter Clark at the 2007 North American Secessionist Convention in which he describes Governor Palin as:

[An} . . . AIP member before she got the job as a mayor of a small town — that was a nonpartisan job. But you get along to go along. She eventually joined the Republican Party, where she had all kinds of problems with their ethics, and well, I won’t go into that.

Alaska Independence Party  founder Joe Vogler told an interviewer “The fires of hell are frozen glaciers compared to my hatred for the American government. … And I won’t be buried under their damn flag.”

Clearly,  this is not the 4-H Club that Governor Palin has welcomed here. Recall that the Governor repeatedly questions Senator Obama’s patriotism and read Mr. Vogeler’s words again.

 The McCain-Palin motto is “Country First.” Perhaps the Senator shuould check the AIP website, then ask his running mate if they have the same county in mind.

Sarah and the Secessionists


No-Talk Express — Re-Doubled

September 25, 2008

No-Talk Express -- Re-Doubled

Keep your mouth shut and wave the flag. Period. That is the McCain-Palin campaign in a nutshell.

John: Don’t debate Obama. No questions from reporters. Deliver the canned speech. Read it off the teleprompter.  No questions from reporters. Pose with the Legion and AmVets. Don’t remind voters that your record of financial experience is limited to membership in the Keating Five and sleeping with a millionaire, you think the poverty limit is $3 million, that Phil Gramm, the Swiss banker who pushed the finance laws that caused this world finance meltdown,  was your campaign co-chair, you have all those unforclosed houses, and you’ve been in Washington for 26 years, voting with George W. Bush over 90 percent of the time. And remember: no questions from reporters.


Workplace Note

September 23, 2008

Workplace Note


Image by Mike Licht. Download a copy here; print it out and hang it next to that allegedly-motivational flyer. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

Palin Fib Takes Off!

September 6, 2008

Palin Fib Takes Off!

Even Senator John McCain was fooled by the sneaky half-truths of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s convention remarks about selling the state executive jet. Worse, Ms. Palin stood right beside the Senator at a Wisconsin campaign stop yesterday and let him misstate her record. Good work, Governor.

Senator McCain told a crowd that Governor Palin had sold the Alaska governor’s luxury jet (one like Cindy McCain’s, the one he uses) on eBay, for a profit. Wrong on both counts. Ms. Palin stood next to John McCain, smiling and waving, and let him say these falsehoods. There is a video clip of this here.

Sarah Palin ran for Governor saying she would put the Alaska governor’s business jet on eBay and sell it. The catchy everyday image helped her get elected. After wasting a year and taxpayer money trying to sell a $2.5 million jet on eBay, a broker sold the plane to a big GOP donor.

But Governor Palin knows much more about publicity stunts and slogans than she does about governing. That is why she stood a heartbeat away from the elderly Republican presidential candidate and let him lie for her.

 Hat tip: Karin Risko

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Pity the Poor Paulistas

August 30, 2008

Pity the Poor Paulistas

Pity the poor Paulistas. They had everything going for them. They converted their failed “March on Washington” into a counter-convention this week in Minneapolis, across the river from the Republicans in St. Paul. The GOP bash was destined to be yawn-fest, with Senator McCain and some geezer picked as his Veep yammering away like they do. The Ron Paul “Rally for the Republic” and “Ronstock” were the hot ticket items, and activities were moved from a small college to the Target Center. It looked like major media coverage was a sure thing.

Then along came Sarah.


McBiohazard, Economy-Size

June 9, 2008

McBiohazard, Economy-Size

McDonald’s fast-food franchises nationwide have stopped serving sliced tomatoes to avoid the current wave of Salmonella saintpaul contamination. Infection-free customers are lovin’ it.

So is McDonald’s. Have you any idea how much money the firm will save? Fresh tomatoes are expensive.


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Sports Shorts — A-Minus

June 9, 2008

Sports Shorts -- A Minus

The saucy slogan shorts above would never be permitted at conservative Utah State University, where sports teams are known as “The A” (from “Aggies”). But no one has suggested this garment (except NotionsCapital; we think it’s cute). USU recently prohibited a T-shirt with the slogan I’m proud of my A on the rear back. The front reads Go Blue or Go Home.


Promoting DC Powerlessness

April 4, 2008

Promoting Powerlessness

The District of Columbia wants to preserve the erroneous preconceptions of potential visitors, and a local group is donating $3 million to the effort.

After a million-dollar development project, the Washington, DC Convention & Tourism Corp., newly renamed “Destination DC,” has chosen “Create Your Own Power Trip” as a motto to entice visitors to this residential city of 500,000. The nonprofit is starting a $2 million ad campaign based on the slogan. Part One is called “Power Play.” 

Destination DC wants the DC Government to kick in another $5 million of taxpayers’ funds to the campaign which, coincidently, kicks off with an ad featuring Mayor Fenty (above). Subtle. Talk about your power plays . . . .


All you Need To Know About the Austin Debate

February 22, 2008

All you Need To Know About the Austin Debate

Hillary Clinton: 

“If your candidacy is going to be about words then they should be your own words,” she said. “…Lifting whole passages from someone else’s speeches is not change you can believe in, it’s change you can Xerox.”

The debate audience booed. (AP Report)

Senator Clinton did not indicate if she had permission to use the term “Xerox®.”

“Xerox®”  is a registered trademark of the Xerox® Corporation, formerly Haloid Xerox. The company is the originator of electrophotography. Xerox® Corporation announced a shareholder dividend on February 19th.

The end.


All You Need To Know About The Austin Debate


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