Inauguration Day 2-Wheel Deal — Free Bike Valet Parking

Inauguration Day 2-Wheel Deal -- Free Bike Valet Parking

Bicycle buffs claim the best way to get to the Inauguration is on two wheels. Like everything else about this historic event, that remains to be seen.

One advantage bicyclists will  definitely have is free valet parking. Details (courtesy of the Washington Area Bicyclist Association) here.

Better RSVP. The Washington City Paper reports over 1,300 bike valet RSVPs to date. As far as we know at this time, bikes parked and locked outside the security perimeter of the parade area will not be removed by police unless they are obstructing traffic.

WABA has other bike-related Inauguration Day info on that event web site. Check back frequently — this unique special event has lots of inter-connected moving parts that will need last-minute tweaks, like a persnickety gear assembly on an untested touring bike. Remember: Security rules are always subject to change and reinterpretation, and it may rain.

A few bike bits:

Bikes are banned from the Metrorail subway system from January 17th through the 20th, but a couple of bikes can be hooked to the front of each Metrobus.

Memorial Bridge will be for walkers and bikers only — no cars. As far as anyone knows right now, bikes will be permitted on the walkways of other bridges.

Some downtown Smartbike rental stations will be closed.

Check the DC bike maps from WABA.

The DC Government has an Inauguration Information web site (Twitter, too).

Dress and eat for warmth.

 Washington Area Bicyclist Association main web site.

Image by Mike Licht. Download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

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