Law and Order: Adjourned

Law and Order: Adjourned

After two decades, NBC cancelled the TV series “Law & Order.” The death sentence was pronounced by Judge Nielsen; the show’s demise was attributed to low ratings. The series is survived by its spin-offs, “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” “Law & Order: Overtime Parking Squad” and the infant “Law & Order: Los Angeles.” The original program will no doubt live on in syndication and the hearts of fans.

Best quote:

“Law & Order must have been canceled because there are no print publications left from which to rip headlines. –@pourmecoffee via FishbowlDC.

 More postmortems:

 “It’s official: ‘Law & Order’ is dead,” Mercury News blog.

“One ‘Law & Order’ Gets a Death Sentence, as Another Joins the Force,” Brian Stelter and Bill Carter, New York Times.

“Case closed: ‘Law & Order’ canceled on brink of setting TV record,” Los Angeles Times blog. 


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One Response to “Law and Order: Adjourned”

  1. Sika Says:

    Hahaha, Overtime Parking Squad, that’s funny!

    As homage to the show we made the latest episode of our animated web series Lunki and Sika in “Law and Order”-style!

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