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Trump White House: Exit Only

March 14, 2018

Trump White House Staff Stampedes for the Exit

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was dismissed over Twitter. Over three dozen Trump staffers that have resigned, been fired, or been reassigned since Trump took office, an attrition rate of 43%, more than five times the rate of recent administrations. One-third of the White House staff has left. Add to that the countless holdover appointees who have left and the career diplomats and civil servants who escaped the chaos, and you have a government that’s been hollowed out. And you can guess the kind of people who would want to work for such a capricious and studiously uniformed (and uninformable) Chief Executive.

And remember, Trump only fired 15 people each year on The Apprentice.


Donald Trump Cancels GOP Reality Show

December 14, 2011

Donald Trump Cancels GOP Reality Show

Donald Trump, celebrity casino owner, beauty pagent producer, reality TV star, and part-time wanna-be politician, canceled his upcoming Las Vegas extravaganza, a GOP presidential debate starring not one but two candidates (not counting himself). Of all the dubious contenders for the Republican nomination, only Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum signed on.

Rather than staging a two-contestant reality show, The Donald (all together now) fired himself, cancelling the production. He says he did it so he can run for president himself. We think he did it so the television audience wouldn’t learn the answer to that age-old question,”What if Donald Trump threw a party and nobody came?”

On second thought, The Donald could have augmented the debate panel with his other celebrity chums. Certainly Charlie Sheen, Paula Abdul, or Paris Hilton can match the political wisdom of Mr. Trump and the moral integrity of Mr. Gingrich.


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