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Trump Uses Pro Wrestling’s Playbook

August 28, 2019

The New York Post‘s Miranda Devine is the latest to observe that “Donald Trump has modeled his presidential persona on WWE pro wrestling.”

“The banter, the jokes, the trash-talking, the catchphrases, the crowd manipulation, the belligerent patriotism, the villain-slamming: It’s all straight out of a preordained WWE storyline.”

“His Twitter feed, with its outlandish, self-aggrandizing dramas, is an extension of the WWE theme.”

“Is Trump a good guy or a bad guy?

‘He’s a heel to some. He’s a babyface to others,’ says ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, once the greatest wrestler in WWE history, who now hosts a podcast drawing 2 million downloads and a USA show, ‘Straight Up Steve Austin.’

Trump seems to have modeled himself on Austin, who was an anti-authoritarian, blue-collar, cussing heel who didn’t care how he was perceived and was so admired by audiences that he ‘turned face.’

Like Austin, Trump’s persona is champion of the underdog, ‘the People’s Billionaire,’ the ‘heel’ who picks fights and always prevails.

‘The crowd know it’s fake but they believe, just like if you went to a movie.’”

— “Trump took a page out of the WWE’s playbook,” Miranda Devine, New York Post

Before his casino bankruptcies, Donald Trump sponsored two WWE WrestleMania extranaganzas in Atlantic City, and took an active part in the promotional hijinks. His efforts earned him a place in pro wrestling’s Hall of Fame before he jumped into the political arena.

Pro wrestling’s actual playbook can be found in the tricks & tips for players of WWE videogames: “Anyone who has watched even 10 minutes of WWE programming knows that talking and charisma are just as important as in-ring skills.”