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Trump — Cruz Debate Summarized

April 4, 2016

Reality TV star and statesman Donald J. Trump and Christian soldier Ted Cruz have been running for president on a platform written by  Billy “The Kid” Emerson and recorded by himselfBilly Lee Riley (above), and many others.


“Donald Trump Retweets Unflattering Photo That Compares Ted Cruz’s Wife Heidi to Melania Trump,” Stephanie Webber, US Magazine


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Gingrich Family Values

January 19, 2012

Gingrich Family Values

While in Charleston debating family values and ideological purity with GOP rivals, Newton Leroy Gingrich found himself debating Ex-Wife #2 on what to call his adultery. In an interview with Brian Ross of ABC News, Marianne Gingrich claimed Mr. Gingrich, revealing his 6-year affair with then-employee Callista Bisek, asked her for an “open marriage.”  The happy couple divorced in 1999. Callista Bisek is now Gingrich Wife #3.

Mr. Gingrich, disgraced former Speaker of the House, angrily denied the “Open Marriage” charge before God and the television audience.  He apparently prefers to call his adultery something else. No word on what he called it when he cheated on Wife #1 with Marianne in much the same fashion.