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State Workers In Flint Got Water Coolers a Year Ago

February 4, 2016

State Workers In Flint Got Water Coolers a Year Ago

“Employees at the state office in Flint, Mich., have been drinking from coolers of purified water since last January — the same month that representatives from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality assured residents the water was safe to drink.”

— “State workers — but not residents — in Flint, Mich., have been getting purified water for more than a year,” Yanan Wang, Washington Post


“Amid denials, state workers in Flint got clean water,”Paul Egan, Detroit Free Press

“Document: Snyder Admin Trucked In Clean Water for State Building in January 2015,” Sam Inglot, Progress Michigan

“Flint water crisis: Michigan made sure state employees had clean water 8 months before everyone else,” Libby Nelson, Vox

“Flint Mayor: Water Still Showing Lead Levels Beyond What Filters Can Remove,” Alissa Walker, Gizmodo