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The 12 Days of Waffle House Christmas

December 20, 2020

“The 12 Days of Waffle House Christmas,” served up by Sons-N- Britches from round ’bout Kennesaw, Georgia. That’s Christmas in the South, buddy.

Menu (mmm … cheese grits)


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Crime on the Menu at Waffle House

November 28, 2011

Crime on the Menu at Waffle House

There was an unappetizing breakfast special at Waffle House restaurants in Georgia and Alabama this summer. 18 of the 24/7 restaurants were robbed. The alleged perpetrators have been caught, but these culinary fixtures of the roadside South are often scenes of excitement. The 1,600 eateries are open all day, every day, and are often the only businesses open when taverns close. They only take cash, and most are beside the highway, a quick exit route. That’s a fast-food recipe for crime.

All this has been re-hashed and dished up by a major newspaper in a Waffle-House-free zone, the New York Times. Southerners are not taking this lightly: