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Veep Candidates on SNL

August 12, 2020

Joe Biden’s choice of Kamala Harris may not guarantee him the presidency, but it makes Maya Rudolph a shoo-in for Saturday Night Live guest slots. A Washington Post video.


“Maya Rudolph created a memorable Kamala Harris impersonation on SNL, and fans desperately want her to return,” Michael Cavna Washington Post

“Maya Rudolph: the unambiguous winner of the Kamala Harris VP pick,” Oliver Milman, The Guardian

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That Mexican Thing

October 7, 2016


Former talk radio host and Indiana Governor Mike Pence has a way with words, but during his prime-time smirk-a-thon with over-caffeinated Senator Tim Kaine he out-did himself. Although he chastised Mr. Kaine for repeating talking points —  “pre-done lines” — Mr. Pence had one of his own. When Tim Kaine referred to Donald Trump’s smear of Mexican immigrants as rapists and criminals, Mike Pence, in a clumsy attempt at Reagan’s “There you go again,” replied “Senator, you whipped out that Mexican thing again.”

“That Mexican thing” will be all anyone remembers about Tuesday’s so-called debate.


“‘That Mexican thing’: Mike Pence’s defense of Trump’s rhetoric goes viral,” Nicole Puglise, The Guardian

“‘That Mexican Thing’ Takes On Life After the Debate,” Katie Rogers, New York Times

“‘That Mexican Thing’ Is Your New Favorite Meme,” Jack Holmes, Esquire

“Cartoon: Whip out that Mexican thing,” Lalo Alcaraz, Fusion


Mike Pence Wins Trump Beauty Contest

July 15, 2016

Mike Pence Wins Trump Beauty Contest
Indiana Governor Mike Pence has been selected as Donald Trump’s vice presidential running mate. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was chosen Miss Congeniality.

Unlike Mr. Trump, Gov. Pence is anti-gay, anti-choice, and pro-foreign-free-trade pacts. So why was he chosen over Gov. Christie, Newt Gingrich, Lt. General Michael Flynn, General Stanley McChrystal, Ben Carson, Bob Corker, Rick Perry, Ted Cruz, Rick Scott, or Joni Ernst?

“I think he will pick Pence because he looks like somebody who would hang out with Donald Trump: He’s handsome and cuts a smart figure, but he isn’t going to overshadow Trump,” said Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) Thursday morning. “Donald Trump cares more about how people look than the substance.”

In order to run for vice president, “Handsome Mike” Spence had to give up his gubernatorial re-election bid, but he’s not too popular in that job, anyway.


“7 ways Mike Pence is nothing like Donald Trump,” Nick Gass, Politico

“Where Donald Trump And Mike Pence Disagree,” Sara Jerde, TPM Livewire


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