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Trump: The TV Network

June 20, 2016

Donald J. Trump reportedly has a Plan B for that awkward period after he loses the election to Hillary Clinton: The Trump TV Network.

“According to several people briefed on the discussions, the presumptive Republican nominee is examining the opportunity presented by the ‘audience’ currently supporting him. He has also discussed the possibility of launching a ‘mini-media conglomerate’ outside of his existing TV-production business, Trump Productions LLC. He has, according to one of these people, enlisted the consultation of his daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who owns the The New York Observer. Trump’s rationale, according to this person, is that, ‘win or lose, we are onto something here. We’ve triggered a base of the population that hasn’t had a voice in a long time.’ For his part, Kushner was heard at a New York dinner party saying that ‘the people here don’t understand what I’m seeing. You go to these arenas and people go crazy for him.’”

— Is Donald Trump’s Endgame the Launch of Trump News?” Sarah Ellison, Vanity Fair

We look forward to a a full schedule of reality shows, post-fact news, stream-of-consciousness commentary, Ivanka’s fashion forecasts, pro wrestling, beauty pageants, and celebrity golf, all punctuated with commercials for Trump Steaks, Trump Vodka, Trump Ice, and leftover red baseball caps.


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Image (“Trump on TV, with apologies to Dalton Avalos Ramirez“) by Mike Licht. Download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

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What They Want for Christmas: Jobs

December 12, 2011

What They Want for Christmas: Jobs

Excerpts from “The Book of Jobs,” Joseph E. Stiglitz, Vanity Fair:

“There are 6.6 million fewer jobs in the United States than there were four years ago. Some 23 million Americans who would like to work full-time cannot get a job. Almost half of those who are unemployed have been unemployed long-term. Wages are falling—the real income of a typical American household is now below the level it was in 1997.”