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Pro-COVID Republicans Help USA Stay Viral

November 9, 2021

Pro-COVID Republicans Help USA Stay Viral

North Dakota Republican State Representative Jeff Hoverson organized an anti-vaccine mandate rally in Bismarck, but couldn’t attend it. He’s got COVID. He’s treating it with horse de-wormer. Of course.

Ten Republican state attorneys general are suing to overturn Biden administration COVID vaccine mandates for federal contractors. GOP AGs from Texas, South Carolina, Louisiana, Mississippi and Utah have also sued to prevent the administration’s OSHA-enforced vaccine-or-test mandate for large companies. They claim that getting a deadly infection on the job isn’t a work-related injury. A 5th Circut federal court has issued a stay in the last matter.

More Republican AGs are suing to block the OSHA madate in the 11th Circuit and the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals saying it’s a states’ rights issue, and GOP governors are jumping on board. Claiming “states’ rights” in order to deprive citizens of human rights — or in this case, human life — is cruel, cynical, and politically-motivated.

America has a long history of vaccination mandates, and they have been highly effective in stemming epidemics. Refusing COVID vaccination means claiming the right to infect your family, co-workers, and neighbors. Unvaccinated people are 20 times more likely to infect others. 1,200 Americans are dying daily from COVID-19, most of them unvaccinated. COVID-19 has killed over 750,000 people in the United States. Expect many more if the GOP has its way.

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