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Semester Abroad. Fries with That?

December 10, 2010

 Semester Abroad. Fries With That?

At first we thought McDonald’s had opened a UK franchise of famed Hamburger University. The Oak Brook, Illinois campus flips out 5,000 students a year (over 80,000 served), but doesn’t have much of a football team.

Britain’s Manchester Metropolitan University has it’s own McDonald’s degree program, though. The university’s Business School also runs degree programs for Tesco supermarkets and Booth’s. The latter is either for Booth’s supermarkets or Booth’s Gin.

Attention U.S. exchange students: “Chips” means “fries” in Blighty, “chips” are “crisps,” and the drive-thru window is on the wrong side of the building. Start studying  now.


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Wal-Mart University

June 8, 2010

Wal-Mart University

Employees of Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club stores can receive college credit for restocking shelves. Wal-Mart has arranged a higher education program through a big-box online college, American Public University. Employees may be awarded “life experience” credit that can be applied towards an Associate Degree.

Wal-Mart imports much of its stock from Asia, so it is fitting that the store’s university has “more than 600 faculty members teaching from around the world ….” Perhaps the Chancellor is Professor Rollback.


NCAA Non-Student Athletes

March 23, 2010

NCAA NCAA Non-Student Athletes

Is it madness to expect 40 percent of college athletes to graduate? The way NCAA basketball coaches responded to Education Secretary Arne Duncan, you would think so. Mr. Duncan proposed that schools with 60 percent drop-out rates be banned from the “March Madness” of the NCAA championship tournament.

Mr. Duncan has some credibility when it comes to hoops. He was co-captain of the Harvard team (yes, he graduated) and was a pro in Australia. He believes that gifted athletes with no interest in academics should be able to turn pro out of high school, but thinks college basketball players should be successful in the classroom if not on the hardwood.