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Brief Notes: UCLA Drops Underwear Run

August 1, 2009

UCLA has stripped another tradition from Academe, one started way back in 2002: the Underwear Run. Is nothing sacred?

Seven years ago, on the Wednesday before final exams, 13 students in boxers and briefs ran across campus, from the corner of Gayley Avenue and Strathmore Place to the intramural field. This has been repeated every trimester, three times a year, and become a popular tradition. Too popular, say school officials.

The last UCLA Underwear Run, a herd of bra-and-panty and négligée- and skivvy-clad runners, numbered 7,000, many from other colleges. School officials are pulling the plug, citing reports of injuries, alcohol-fueled fights, and vandalism. A smaller Undie Run at Chapman University (which seems older than the UCLA trot) resulted in $19,000-worth of damage to an Orange, California fountain.