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Trump Throws Junior Under the Bus

August 9, 2018

Trump Throws Junior Under the Bus

Too impatient to read all the way through the story of Issac in Mike Pence’s Bible, President Donald Trump sacrificed eldest son Donald Trump Jr. to the Mueller investigation last Sunday.

That’s right. The president threw his firstborn under the bus, but claims he himself is innocent. Daddy Trump is implicating his own son in a conspiracy violation of federal election law, and also making false statements to Congress about Russian campaign involvement. No wonder President Trump’s allies have urged him to stop tweeting about the 2016 Trump Tower meeting.


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“Donald Trump throws his eldest son under the bus: And yes, this ‘collusion’ could be criminal,” Bob Cesca, Salon

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“Why Would Trump Throw Don Jr. Under The Legal Bus?” Elie Mystal, Above The Law

“Donald Trump Jr.’s Potential Legal Troubles, Explained,” Charlie Savage, New York Times

“The Double Damage of the President’s Trump Tower Admission,” David A. Graham, The Atlantic

“The Day Trump Told Us There Was Attempted Collusion with Russia,” Adam Davidson, The New Yorker


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