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Sushi Magnate Dies

September 4, 2012

Sushi Magnate Dies, Age 93

Sun Myung Moon, Korean minister and head of a global business empire which includes seafood giant True World Foods, has died in South Korea’s Cheongshim Hospital, owned by the Unification Church he founded. Reverend Moon was either 92 or 93 years old (reports differ). His secretive but vast business interests sell “cars, guns, newspapers and sushi” around the world, according to Businessweek.

About that sushi:

“Moon has purchased and controlled a number of seafood companies around the world, including True World Foods, a wholesaler that distributes sushi and other seafood to more than 8,000 Japanese restaurants around the U.S. Moon has also claimed holdings of seafood and shipbuilding companies in Alabama and Alaska…..”

— “Sein Reich war von dieser Welt [“His kingdom was of this world”],” Patrick Zoll, Neue Zürcher Zeitung