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Naughty or Nice? Santa’s Tracking System.

December 24, 2014

Naughty or Nice? Santa’s Tracking System.

It is no overstatement to say that Santa knows when children have been bad or good. He knows much else besides. The information stems from a personal pipeline Santa has to children’s thoughts via a listening antenna that combines technologies currently used in cell phones and EKGs. A sophisticated signal processing system filters the data, giving Santa clues on who wants what, where children live, and even who has been bad or good. Effectively, it gives him advanced neuroimaging capabilities that tell him that Mary in Miami hopes for a surfboard, Michael from Minneapolis wants a snowboard, etc. Later, all this information is processed in an onboard sleigh guidance system, which provides Santa with the most efficient delivery route.

The system serves as a fail-safe backstop to the letters Santa receives via snail mail from around the globe.

– Dr. Larry Silverberg, NC State University scientist and 2010 Visiting Scholar at Santa’s Workshop-North Pole Labs (NPL).


“Dispatches From The North Pole: The Science of Santa’s List,” Matt Shipman, The Abstract


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Your iPhone Spies On You

April 23, 2011

Your iPhone Spies On You

Software in the iPhone tells Apple where you are now and where you have been. Best reaction so far:

“iPhone Secretly Tracking How Dull Your Life Is,” SatireWire