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Aussie PM Chugs a Beer

April 21, 2015

Aussie PM Chugs a Beer

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott chugged a glass of beer in 7 seconds on Saturday whilst celebrating with members of the UTS Bats Australian Rules football club. The schooner reportedly held about two-thirds of a pint; assuming an Imperial Pint of 568 ml, that’s about 380 ml.

Former PM Bob Hawke is said to have chugged 2.5 pints (1420 ml) in 11 seconds back in 1955. Mr.Hawke’s rate of chug (1420/11) was 129.09 ml/sec, while Mr. Abbott’s rate of chug (380/7) was a puny 54.29 ml/sec. Mr. Abbott is a Liberal and Mr. Hawke was a Labor leader; perhaps there’s a political lesson here.