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Push for Pizza

August 6, 2014

Push for Pizza

And they say American Innovation is dead.

Push For Pizza sounds like something a stoned teenager would come up with while weighing the pros and cons of ordering food late at night: ‘I’m super hungry, but I don’t want to interact with people or decide between a bunch of options. If only there were another way…’”

— “Push For Pizza Is Yo For Food Delivery,” Kyle Russell, Techcrunch


Jane Austen, Teen Queen

June 21, 2012

Jane Austen, Teen Queen

New evidence suggests that a 1789 painting by Ozias Humphry is a portrait of a 13-year-old Jane Austen. Using digital photo analysis, Stephen Cole of Acume Forensics discovered faint written inscriptions on the canvas identifying the budding author and the artist.

Wealthy lawyer Francis Austen had his portrait painted by Ozias Humphry, and young Miss Austen probably sat for the artist while visiting great uncle Francis in Kent. Perhaps she snuck away from her uncle’s house to hang out with other teens at the Sevenoaks Shopping Centre food court.


Zero Tolerance for Clowns

February 26, 2009

Zero Tolerance for Clowns

Congressional Update: The Omnibus Federal Appropriations Bill continues funding for the absolutely-useless-beyond-belief Community Based Abstinence Education (CBAE) program.  The current version of the bill reduces CBAE funding from $122 million to $94 million.

But $1.5 billion has already been wasted on this malarkey over the past 12 years without discernible benefit. Enough is enough.