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Salahi Blackwater Polo Cup?

May 21, 2010

Salahi Blackwater Polo Cup

Is a Polo match produced by famed security-breachers Tareq and Michaele Salahi sponsored by security contractor Blackwater? That’s what the website for the 2010 America’s Cup Polo event claims.

There are reasons to believe this may not be so, since Blackwater has changed its name to U.S. Training, Xe Services, and perhaps other pseudonyms. Blackwater (U.S. Training) has not responded to our inquiry about the polo match. We have heard from several other “sponsors” claimed by the event, and they echo this email:

I am writing in response to your question about the America’s Cup Polo Event. The U.S. Embassy is not a sponsor of this event. We will contact the organizers to correct their website.

Elizabeth Fitzsimmons
Embassy New Delhi

[Update: The embassy was removed from the “”Partner/Sponsor” page today; not so other known non-sponsors like the Old Town Crier and Washington Flyer Magazine].