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Burger Time: Test-Tube Taste Test

August 7, 2013


“Here’s how the world’s first synthetic meat tastes,” Lindsay Abrams, Salon

“Test-Tube Burger: Lab-Cultured Meat Passes Taste Test (Sort of),” Arielle Duhaime-Ross, Scientific American


Lab-Grown Burger

August 1, 2013

Lab-Grown Burger

A 5-ounce hamburger will be served up in London next week at a cost of nearly $400,000. Fries cost extra.

The precious patty of burger meat will be “in-vitro” beef, laboratory- grown from a cow’s stem cells. “Right now, we are using 70 percent of all our agricultural capacity to grow meat through livestock,” says meat manufacturer Dr. Mark Post of Holland’s Maastricht University. “You are going to need alternatives. If we don’t do anything, meat will become a luxury food and will become very expensive.”


A Juicy Helping of Lab-Grown Meat

April 23, 2012

A Juicy Helping of Lab-Grown Meat

Reporter William Little visited a laboratory that’s manufacturing meat, and wrote about it in the Financial Times:

“You wouldn’t normally expect to find a thick red steak quietly pulsating in an oversized Petri dish inside a laboratory. But such is the hype around the team scheduled to produce the world’s first lab-grown cut of meat this October that I can’t help but imagine it. The research being done by bioengineer Dr Mark Post at Maastricht University in the Netherlands has provoked global headlines about “test tube meat” and fierce ethical and scientific debate. Getting access to his laboratory is about as exciting as it gets in the world of food engineering.

But when I arrive, the home of in vitro meat is quiet – no research assistants racing to turn out joints of beef, chicken or lamb. Instead, Post slowly opens the door to what looks like a large fridge, or a bioreactor. Within lie row upon row of tiny Petri dishes in which float minute fibres of almost transparent meat. I find it rather deflating but Post is excited. ‘I’ll need about 3,000 pellets of meat to make a hamburger,’ he says.”

It’s a meaty article. Read it here:

“How do you like your meat?” William Little, Financial Times Magazine


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Lab-Grown Meat Meeting

September 10, 2011

Lab-Grown Meat Meeting

A confab of cultured meat enthusiasts gathered in Gothenburg, Sweden last week to discuss the puzzling lack of interest in synthetic sirloin research. The meat-up was arranged by Chalmers University of Technology and the European Science Foundation. We do not know if it featured a cultured cutlet cook-out.