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Caffè Latte Is Not What You Think It Is

August 23, 2014

Caffè Latte Is Not What You Think It Is

“Perhaps the latte’s most popular association, at least currently, is with a certain level of affluence. Conservatives complain about ‘latte liberals’ who are out of touch with the working class ….

But the notion that lattes are a sign of privilege may be off-base. Kyla Wazana Tompkins, a professor of English and gender and women’s studies … told Op-Talk that ‘the latte, while it may be attached on a certain level to too much upper-class food knowledge and pretension, it really is no longer an upper-class drink.’ She explained: ‘No matter how many kale salads Starbucks puts in their case, Starbucks is a fast-food purveyor.’ The latte, she argued, ‘is a high-calorie food that’s being pushed in an industrialized way largely to working-class people.’ And, she added, ‘it’s important to think about the explosion of all of these industrialized lattes, all these frozen lattes, all the Frappuccinos, as links to a larger problem of creating cheap, high-calorie, low-nutrition food for working-class people.’”


“If You Read This, You Might Never Drink a Latte Again,” Anna North, New York Times


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Olympic Ceremony Symbolism

July 29, 2012

Olympic Ceremony Symbolism
“The opening ceremony for the London 2012 Olympics was by turns spectacular and surreal,” observes Barry Neild. “It did a good job of stirring British hearts, but did the rest of the world have a clue what was going on?”


“Did Olympics opener have hidden meaning?” Barry Neild, GlobalPost