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Nutella Riots Rock France

January 26, 2018

Nutella Riots Rock France

While French President Emmanuel Macron talked trade in Davos, back home the République was rocked by retail riots. The Intermarché supermarket chain slashed the price of Nutella by 70%, causing chaos across the country. Customers fought, employees were punched, les flics were called.

The French really love that chocolate hazelnut spread on their baguettes in the morning. They consume 26 percent of world Nutella production.


Grocery Bags Carry Unintended Consequences

May 12, 2014

Grocery Bags Carry Unintended Consequences
People who bring their own reusable shopping bags to the grocery store to help the environment are more likely to buy organic items … and then buy ice cream and cookies, according to new research. Hey, those folks saved the environment, they deserve a treat, right?


“How Grocery Bags Manipulate Your Mind,” Carmen Nobel, Harvard Business School Working Knowledge


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In a Pretoria Grocery Store

December 16, 2013

Two days after Nelson Mandela died, members of the Soweto Gospel Choir took over the Woolworth grocery store in Pretoria’s Parkview neighborhood. There was really nothing spontaneous about it except for the heartfelt response of shoppers. The choir had planned to surprise the crowd with a James Brown tune, but after the death of the revered patriot they chose this number, “Asimbonanga,” a tribute Johnny Clegg wrote during Mandela’s imprisonment on Robben Island: