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Super Bowl Stories You May Have Missed

February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Stories You May Have Missed

Super Bowl stories you may have missed:

“What Happens to the Losing Team’s Championship Shirts?” Matt Soniak, Mental Floss

“This Year’s Super Bowl Will Be Gayer Than Last Year’s,” Rich Juzwiak, Gawker

“Astronauts Will Watch Super Bowl from Space,” Tariq Malik, via Discovery News

“Remembering Up With People: The Gayish Quasi-Cult That Invented The Super Bowl Halftime Show,” Jonathan Mahler, Deadspin

“Ray Lewis Isn’t the Only One Bringing Religion to Super Bowl Sunday,” Joanna Brooks, Religion Dispatches

“This Year’s Illuminati-Super Bowl Connection is More Sinister Than Ever,” Mallory Ortberg, Gawker

“Keep These Food Safety Tips In Mind While Serving Snacks On Super Bowl Sunday,” Mary Beth Quirk, Consumerist

“The Brutal Physics of Football,” Ainissa Ramirez, Big Think