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Ireland: Dirty Dancing

October 17, 2022

A cheating scandal has rocked the Emerald Isle, and it doesn’t involve Gaelic football, Hurling, or Camogie. The highly-competitive world of Irish Step Dancing has been rocked by allegations of feiseanna and oireachtais judges trading high scores for sexual favors. Maybe it’s those short skirts and tight pants.


“Major misstep: sex and cheating scandal rattles Irish dancing world,” Jack Hobbs, NY Post

“High kicks and dirty tricks: Irish dancing hit by fixing and sexual favour claims,” David Mouriquand and Ken Murray, Euro News

“Irish dancing rocked by major allegations of competition fixing involving dance teachers and judges,” Ellen Coyne, The  Independent

“Now Irish Dancing Is in the Grip of a Major Cheating Scandal,” Sophia Smith Galer, Vice

“An Irish Dancing Scandal Is the Latest in Our Season of Cheating,” Kady Ruth Ashcraft, Jezebel


“‘BagGate’ is the professional cornhole drama taking over the sport,” James Dator, SBNation


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