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Will More Restrictive Voting Laws Benefit the GOP?

April 21, 2021

Republican-controlled state governments are passing more restrictive voting laws, trying to get an election edge for GOP candidates. Will their ploy work? Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight explores. Nice hat, Nate.

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No Standing

December 6, 2013

No Standing

On Monday United States District Judge Janet C. Hall ruled that the National Shooting Sports Foundation lacked legal standing to challenge Connecticut’s recently enacted firearms laws and dismissed its lawsuit. NSSF is the trade association representing the arms and ammunition manufacturers and dealers who profit from the sale of the high-capacity magazines and military-style weapons forbidden by the new gun laws, passed after the killing of 20 young children and  6 educators in Newtown, Connecticut. Newtown is also home to the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

On Wednesday, Newtown authorities released recordings of the 911 emergency calls from inside Sandy Hook Elementary School during the mass shooting of first-graders. The neighbors at the NSSF didn’t comment on that.