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Mount Vernon: Not Just for Earthlings Anymore!

April 1, 2019

Mount Vernon’s Klingon visitor guide. Published April 1.


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Intergalactic Eats

May 10, 2009

Intergalactic Eats

Rokeg Blood Pie. Vulcan Plomeek Soup. These are two of the space snacks served by Washington’s Avalon Theatre Cafe during the first run of the new Star Trek movie, writes City Paper‘s Tricia Olszewski.

The Avalon’s recipes are adapted from those of Talaxian chef Neelix, misidentified by the Express as “Starship Enterprise chef.” Haw. Everyone knows Neelix ran the galley on the USS Voyager (and we thank him for his service). Neelix was played by actor Ethan Phillips, co-author (with Willian J. Birnes) of The Star Trek Cookbook (1999). Scholarly space chefs may want to compare this with the so-called Official Star Trek Cooking Manual (1978), attributed to Mary Ann Piccard and Nurse Chapel.

Star Trek grub will be on the Avalon’s menu through May 21st, and burger joints have Trek-related alien eats, but earlier generations of Star Trek theme restaurants are now in eclipse.  There have been recent sightings of alien edibles in some quadrants of the Web, however. To intercept, see this orientation, then set coordinates for these locations: