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The NFL: Bastion of American Socialism

November 18, 2014

The NFL: Bastion of America's Socialism

America’s National Football League has held a few games in the UK and is trying to form a franchise there. British writer Matthew Engel has let his compatriots in on the league’s radical secret:

“In the US, sport is the habitat of the nation’s secret socialism. Through revenue sharing, salary caps and the draft (which gives the worst teams first pick), the NFL pioneered the notions that the last must be allowed to finish first. To that end, the rich must subsidise the poor.

In part, this is a mechanism to make capitalism work better, though it is not a mechanism favoured in other aspects of American life ….”

“… I suspect the NFL is using London as it uses Los Angeles which, bizarrely, has been without a franchise for 20 years. If any city gets mean and refuses to subsidise a new stadium or whatever, there is a threat so obvious it hardly needs saying: ‘Pay up or LA will.’ In Britain, such geographical shifts are almost unknown and totally anathema. Another piece of secret socialism: American teams are subsidy junkies.”

— “‘Socialist’ NFL would fail in capitalist London,” Matthew Engel, Financial Times

Hipper Brits already knew this, because UK artist Fraser Davidson animated the passage of Bill Maher’s book that points it out:


Nationalize Pro Sports!

January 5, 2014

Nationalize Pro Sports!

Citizens arise! Pro sports league monopolies are exempt from anti-trust laws and pay no taxes. Sports team owners extort public funding for stadiums while charging outrageous prices for tickets, parking, and concessions.

“Owners are the worst thing about professional sports. Professional sports team owners, like most of the modern global mega-rich, tend to exhibit most or all of the following traits: General cluelessness about matters unrelated to the immediate field in which they made their fortune; unjustified faith, despite that cluelessness, in their own abilities and intelligence; the related belief that their expertise in money hoarding translates to expertise in all other fields of human endeavor; staggering greed and attendant unscrupulousness. There is no modern football owner who started a team himself and built it into a powerhouse, along the lines of the usual mythic entrepreneurial success story. These are men who made a lot of money and then bought a hobby. ….

And most of these men try their hardest to convince the average fan that it’s the players — you know, the people who actually make up the teams that play the sport — that are overpaid, in an industry in which various people ‘win’ Super Bowl rings merely for being lucky enough to have been born with the last names Mara or Rooney.

This is why we as a country must nationalize all sports.”

— Alex Pareene, “Hot sports take: Fire the owners and nationalize all sports!” Salon


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