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Who Invented the iPhone?

December 4, 2018

Who Invented the iPhone?

Steve Jobs invented the iPhone in 2007, right?

Well … it’s complicated. Eric Arthur Johnson invented the touchscreen in the 1960s.  Stanley Whittingham invented the lithium battery in the 1970s. And a whole bunch of people gave us the Internet.

But surely Steve Jobs saw all this stuff and went “Eureka!”


“When Apple engineer Andy Grignon first added internet functionality to an iPod in 2004, Steve Jobs was far from enthusiastic: ‘This is bullshit. I don’t want this. I know it works, I got it, great, thanks, but this is a shitty experience.’”

— “Who Invented the iPhone?” Matthew Hayes, Scientific American


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Image (“Portrait of a Young Girl With an iPhone, after Agnolo Bronzino”) by Mike Licht. Download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

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Android Wrist Smartphones

November 11, 2011

Android Wrist Smartphones

In 1946, industrialist Diet Smith gave his detective pal Dick Tracy the gift of cutting-edge mobile technology, the two-way wrist radio, and the square-jawed crimebuster became a one-man radio patrol car. In 1964 Tracy got an upgrade, a two-way wrist TV, and another in 1986, the two-way wrist computer. Today’s personal electronics companies have taken a page out of the Crimestoppers Textbook by introducing Android Smartwatches.