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The Greatest Thing Since . . . 1928

July 7, 2013

The Greatest Thing Since . . . 1928.

On July 7, 1928 the Chillicothe Baking Company began selling pre-sliced loaves of Kleen-Maid Bread. Iowa inventor Otto Rohwedder had recently invented a machine that sliced bread into uniform slices and wrapped each loaf. “Just think of it!” read an advertisement:

“Every slice perfect and CORRECT, far better than you could cut it yourself….There was a time when you ground coffee. Now you buy it ground. Well, this is the same sort of sensible, logical improvement.”

One result: New-fanged electric toasters began, um, popping up on kitchen counters all over America.


“A Brief History of Sliced Bread,” Kaitlyn Boettcher, Mental Floss


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