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Ray Moore: ‘Good Morning Little Schoolgirl!’

November 17, 2017

In 1977, Gena Richardson was a high school senior working in the men’s department of Sears at the Gadsden Mall when Roy Moore introduce himself:

“Moore, she says, asked where she went to school before asking for her phone number. Richardson declined to give it to him, telling Moore that her dad was a Southern Baptist preacher, and wouldn’t allow them to date. Moore was a 30-year-old lawyer working in his hometown of Gadsden at the time. A few days after their first encounter, Moore called Richardson’s school to try and ask her out again. From the [WashingtonPost:

‘A few days later, she says, she was in trigonometry class at Gadsden High when she was summoned to the principal’s office over the intercom in her classroom. She had a phone call. “I said ‘Hello?’ Richardson recalls. “And the male on the other line said, ‘Gena, this is Roy Moore.’ I was like, ‘What?!’ He said, ‘What are you doing?’ I said, ‘I’m in trig class.’ ”

Richardson says Moore asked her out again on the call. A few days later, after he asked her out at Sears, she relented and agreed, feeling both nervous and flattered. They met that night at a movie theater in the mall after she got off work, a date that ended with Moore driving her to her car in a dark parking lot behind Sears and giving her what she called an unwanted, “forceful” kiss that left her scared.’

Moore’s pursuit of Richardson at the Gadsden mall wasn’t unique, according to the Post’s reporting. Eventually, Richardson would hide when Moore came into the store, and the manager at the store would tell new hires to “watch out for” Moore. Kayla McLaughlin, a classmate and co-worker of Richardson’s, corroborated her story to the Post.”

 — “A High School Senior Wouldn’t Give Roy Moore Her Number So She Says He Called Her at School,” Elliot Hannon, Slate


“Roy Moore Dated ‘Younger Ladies’ For Their ‘Purity,’ His Pastor Friend Says,” Cameron Joseph, TPM Livewire

“Roy Moore admits his wife, who is 14 years his junior, first caught his eye ‘when she was just FIFTEEN and performing in a junior college dance recital,’” Hanna Parry, Daily Mail

“Retired Officer: We Knew Moore ‘Liked Young Girls,’ But Never Got A Complaint,” Nicole Lafond, TPM Livewire

“Flip Benham: Roy Moore Pursued Teenagers Because All The Other Women Were Married,” Kyle Mantyla, Right Wing Watch

Video: “Good Morning Little Schoolgirl,” written (and originally recorded) by John Lee “Sonny Boy” Williamson, performed by Muddy Waters, 1964. Muddy Waters (vocal, guitar),  Buddy Guy (guitar), Willie Dixon (bass), and Clifton James (drums).


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Roy Moore, Shopping Mall Romeo

November 16, 2017

Roy Moore, Shopping Mall Romeo

Roy Moore, defrocked judge and gun-slingingtheocraticracist homophobe, is currently the Republican candidate for Jeff Sessions’ old U.S. Senate seat. He’s also been accused of sexually molesting teenage girls when he was a 32 year old assistant district attorney. Five women have come forward so far. He was a persistent creep, hitting on teenybopper shoppers, waitresses and clerks, and was finally banned from the Gadsden Mall. As Jennifer Rubin points out, if Roy Moore can be banned from a shopping mall, he can be kept out of the U.S. Senate. Most Americans, the RNC, and Republican leaders agree, and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is preparing for that possibility.

The Alabama Special Election is on December 12th.


“6th Moore accuser claims he groped her in his office,” Haley Britzky, Axios

“Two more women describe unwanted overtures by Roy Moore at Alabama mall,” Stephanie McCrummen, Beth Reinhard and Alice Crites, Washington Post 

“Woman: When I Was 17, Moore Said, ‘I Go Out With Girls Your Age All The Time,’” Esme Cribb, TPM Livewire

“Roy Moore admits his wife, who is 14 years his junior, first caught his eye ‘when she was just FIFTEEN and performing in a junior college dance recital,'” Hanna Parry, Daily Mail

“Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby joins GOP leaders in shunning Roy Moore,” Lisa Mascaro and Michael Finnegan, Los Angeles Times

“3 Ways Republicans Can Block Roy Moore From the Senate,” Bridget Bowman, Roll Call

“How the Senate could expel Roy Moore if he wins,” Shane Savitsky, Axios

“GOP leaders weigh drastic plan to save Alabama Senate seat,” Alex Isenstadt and Eliana Johnson, Politico

“Moore Amid Mounting Pressure To Drop Out: I’m Facing A ‘Spiritual Battle,’” TPM Livewire

“Moore: ‘We are everything the Washington Elite hate,'” Mallory Shelbourne, The Hill

“Roy Moore’s Lawyer Just Sent a Grammatical Apocalypse of a Letter Threatening Local Media,” Elliot Hannon, Slate


Shopping Can Be Fun!

June 26, 2016

“A brief history of the American shopping mall,” from PBS NewsHour Weekend’s Tracy Wholf.


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@America in Indonesia

March 7, 2011

Indonesia is the globe’s most populous Muslim nation. It is also the second-largest Facebook market, the third-largest for Twitter.  Many of the country’s teens own mobile phones. So how does the U.S. Department of State seek to win the young hearts and minds of Indonesia? It gets digital with a new cultural center.


Terrorist Elf Attacks Santa!

December 5, 2009

Terrorist Attacks Santa!

The elf at Southlake Mall cut into the line of kids waiting to see Santa. Five feet tall and 108 pounds, he was dressed in tights and a red-and-green jacket with jingle bells. He carried two duffel bags, and told Santa they were full of dynamite.

Santa called mall security and headed through the food court, towards the North Pole. Police were called, the mall evacuated, and the bomb squad searched the elf’s bags.

The elf, 45-year-old William Caldwell, told a fib — there was no dynamite. Gonna get lumps of coal in his little stocking this Christmas. He’s also in jail, charged with suspicion of creating false public alarm, reckless conduct, terrorist threats and acts, possession of a hoax device, and aggravated breach of Holiday Spirit.