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Shopping Can Be Fun!

June 26, 2016

“A brief history of the American shopping mall,” from PBS NewsHour Weekend’s Tracy Wholf.


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@America in Indonesia

March 7, 2011

Indonesia is the globe’s most populous Muslim nation. It is also the second-largest Facebook market, the third-largest for Twitter.  Many of the country’s teens own mobile phones. So how does the U.S. Department of State seek to win the young hearts and minds of Indonesia? It gets digital with a new cultural center.


Terrorist Elf Attacks Santa!

December 5, 2009

Terrorist Attacks Santa!

The elf at Southlake Mall cut into the line of kids waiting to see Santa. Five feet tall and 108 pounds, he was dressed in tights and a red-and-green jacket with jingle bells. He carried two duffel bags, and told Santa they were full of dynamite.

Santa called mall security and headed through the food court, towards the North Pole. Police were called, the mall evacuated, and the bomb squad searched the elf’s bags.

The elf, 45-year-old William Caldwell, told a fib — there was no dynamite. Gonna get lumps of coal in his little stocking this Christmas. He’s also in jail, charged with suspicion of creating false public alarm, reckless conduct, terrorist threats and acts, possession of a hoax device, and aggravated breach of Holiday Spirit.