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Shopping Bag Warning

November 17, 2009

Shopping Bag Warning

The District of  Columbia Government is starting an awareness campaign to prepare citizens for January 1st, when the new five-cent shopping bag tax goes into effect. The law is meant to discourage use of disposable bags and reduce the amount of trash that clogs storm drains and the Anacostia River.

Take-out food orders are exempt, but dog owners will need to buy rolls of biodegradable poop bags to clean up after Fido. Hey, stop grumbling about pennies. Everybody knows that children are for people who can’t afford dogs.

Something the law does not take into account: shopping bag antagonism. If you don’t know what that is, carry your limited-edition reusable Whole Foods canvas totes (designed by Cheryl Crow) into Food Lion. People will assume you are a snob who is just slumming. Or carry a pair of nylon Safeway bags into Trader Joe’s. Shoppers and clerks will regard you as an interloper unworthy of the gourmet goodies. The truly cool will use handmade bags or baskets, trumping everyone.