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Trump’s Ex-Employee Hershel Walker Stumbles Downfield

August 25, 2022

Trump's Ex-Employee Hershel Walker Stumbles Downfield

Georgia’ GOP candidate for the US Senate is Hershel Walker, a former University of Georgia Heisman winner, All-American, and  NFL veteran. He was endorsed by Donald Trump, who was his pre-NFL employer as the owner of the failed New Jersey Generals of the United States Football League. In just a few short years, as Mr. Walker raced down the field, Mr. Trump managed to tank the entire USFL.

Hershel Walker and Donald Trump have something else in common: they are both phenomenal liars. Mr. Trump told over 30,000 lies while he was in the White House, and continues to lie about losing the 2020 election. Mr. Walker lied about graduating from college, then lied about lying that he graduated from college. He lied about being a policeman and an FBI agent. He lied about his business ventures, including his “mini-Tyson’s chicken empire“. And while Dr. Oz can’t remember all the houses he owns, Walker can’t recall all the children he’s sired.

Despite his sports celebrity and Trump endorsement, the drip of revelations has raised been understandable questions about Herschel Walker’s electability. All that lying doesn’t help when you’re running against an incumbent who’s a Baptist minister. Weird statements blaming China for US air pollution, evolution denial, claims the US has 52 states, and accusations of spousal abuse should raise even more concern that the ex-Georgia Bulldog is a dog of a candidate.

Herschel Walker was a contestant on The Celebrity Apprentice TV show in 2009. Donald Trump fired him. He might want to fire him as a Trump-branded political endorsee, too.


“Herschel Walker declines invitation to debate Senator Warnock in Macon,” Justin Baxley, WMAZ-TV

“Herschel Walker’s ex-wife recalls him threatening to ‘blow my brains out’ in campaign ad released by opponents in Georgia Senate race,” Dave Goldiner, NY Daily News


“Republicans rue price of fame as celebrity Senate candidates struggle,” Adam Gabbatt, The Guardian

“Donald Trump’s Less-Than-Artful Failure in Pro Football,” Joe Nocera, New York Times


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Image (“Commander-In-Chief of the Jersey Generals”) by Mike Licht. Download copies here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

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Sarah Palin Rants for Republicans in Georgia, Denies Trump Lost

December 16, 2020

 Sarah Palin Rants for Republicans in Georgia, Denies Trump Lost

Sarah Palin, former Miss Wasilla and Alaska TV sportscaster, once part-time Temp-Governor of Alaska, failed reality TV star and Fox News commentator, and John McCain’s biggest mistake, is now campaigning in Georgia alongside QAnon-embracing Congress-creature-elect Marjorie Taylor Greene. She’s in the Peach State in support of corrupt conservative GOP Senate candidates David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, now in close races ahead of  the January 5th runoff election. Ms. Palin echoed false claims that Trump didn’t lose the presdential election, and spoke Friday as part of the “Save America Tour,” funded by the right-wing  Club for Malignant Growth. which also booked conservative ciruit celebs Ted Cruz, Rick Scott, Jim Jordan, and Lee Greenwood.


“Sarah Palin hits campaign trail in Georgia, denying Trump lost alongside QAnon-supporting Republican,” Stuti Mishra, The Independent

“Palin campaigns in Georgia for Loeffler, Perdue,” Celine Castronuovo, The Hill

“Sarah Palin Returns to the Movement She Started in Georgia Runoff Campaign,” Sam Brodey, Daily Beast


“’A Serial Liar’: How Sarah Palin Ushered in the ‘Post-Truth’ Political Era in Which Trump Has Thrived,” Patrice Taddonio, Frontline


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Image (“Mad As Hell!”) by Mike Licht. Download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

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