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Ted Cruz: Profile in Courage

October 3, 2016

Ted Cruz: Profile in Courage
Before the GOP Convention, Donald Trump claimed Ted Cruz’s father killed JFK, and that Mrs. Cruz is a crook. Senator Cruz called Trump a “pathological liar,” a “braggadocious, arrogant buffoon,” a “serial philanderer” and “sniveling coward” who is “utterly amoral” and unfit to be president.

In July, at the GOP Convention, Ted Cruz told delegates “Vote your conscience.” But, as we learned back in 2013 when he shut down the government, Mr. Cruz has no conscience himself. He confirmed that judgement by endorsing Donald Trump for president two weeks ago.

No surprises here. At least Ted taught Mr. Trump a 4-syllable word, “braggadocious.”


“Ted Cruz Continues to Eat Crow In Public After Trump Endorsement,” Stephen Young, Dallas Observer

“9 times Ted Cruz insulted Donald Trump before endorsing him,” Madeline Conway, Politico

“Why even people who agree with him hate Ted Cruz,” Michael Brendan Dougherty, The Week

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