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Big Brother Is Watching, Not Listening

September 24, 2012

Big Brother Is Watching, Not Listening

Oaxaca, Mexico has installed 230 video cameras downtown and in the suburbs, and most of them are monitored by deaf police personnel.  Oaxaca’s Deputy Secretary for the Ministry of Public Security noted that:

“…these police officers have a very strong … visual sense and can better detect what is happening in different places where the cameras are located; they can often remotely read the conversations of people, to the benefit of this security system that operates 24 hours a day.”

“Deaf Police Monitor Security Cameras,” Murray Page, Mazátlan Messenger

According to Vaughn Bell, “…there is good evidence that deaf people are better at noticing things in the periphery of vision and detecting movement.”

 “This potentially makes them perfect for the job and likely better than their hearing colleagues.

 So the project turns out to be a targeted way not of recruiting ‘disabled people’ into the workforce, but of recruiting the ‘super able’. In fact, turning the whole idea of disability on its head.”

“Deaf police to monitor security cameras in Mexico,” Vaughn Bell, Mind Hacks