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Quick! Vote GOP Or Zombies Will Attack America!!!

November 4, 2014

Quick! Vote GOP Or Zombies Will Attack America!!!

The Republican Party that has paralyzed the federal government and the Nation has a clear message for midterm voters: Like how we didn’t pass any bills in the House? Give us the Senate too! Or else …. uh, or else Ebola-bearing ISIS Zombie terrorists will sneak across the Mexican border and … and brainwash your kids with Common Core standards and veggie school lunches, and force you to have good health insurance and higher wages and cheap gasoline! Vote now before it’s too late!


“7 instances of blatant GOP fearmongering this election cycle,” Evan McMurray, Alternet via Salon

“Chicken Little Politics,” Ed Kilgore, Washington Monthly blog

“Why We Are So Easily Manipulated by the Politics of Fear,” David Ropeik, Huffington Post

“Republicans bank on fear in this election,” Rachel Maddow, Washington Post

“Fear of Ebola Could Make People More Likely to Vote Conservative,” Alice Robb, New Republic

“Republican ISIL fear-mongering amplifies extremists’ message, experts say,” Joshua Eaton, Al Jazeera America

“Midterm Anxieties,” Margaret Talbot, The New Yorker


“America’s Long History of Immigrant Scaremongering,” Jamelle Bouie, Slate


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