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Carlos Danger Rides Again — Into Bachelorhood

August 30, 2016

Carlos Danger Rides Again -- Into Bachelorhood
Disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner (aka Carlos Danger) was caught with his pants down again, outed by the New York Post for sending sexty photos to strange women. His wife, foreign relations pro and Hillary campaign advisor Huma Abedin, invoked the 3-strikes-you’re-out rule and announced the couple’s separation.

Since quitting Congress and losing a local election in New York City, Anthony Weiner has been a commentator for Time-Warner cable news outlet NY 1 and a columnist for the New York Daily News. The TV outfit has put him on “indefinite leave,” and the Daily News cut him loose.

Serial adulterer and Anthony Weiner campaign contributor Donald Trump expressed sympathy for Ms. Abedin and smeared her boss Hillary Clinton in a single tweet. Anthony Weiner should remind his pal Mr. Trump how dangerous Twitter can be.


“Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin says she’s separating with Anthony Weiner amid third sexting scandal,” Jeff Stein, Vox

“Trump sees personal tragedy and embarrassment as just political fodder,” Ruth Marcus, Washington Post

“Don’t Expect Donald Trump to Stop Lying About Huma Abedin,” Robert Mackey, The Intercept


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Berlusconi: Guilty

June 25, 2013


On Monday a Milan court found Silvio Berlusconi — billionaire septuagenarian, football team owner, former Italian Prime Minister, Bunga-Bunga Party host, and one-time cruise ship crooner —  guilty of having sex with an underage prostitute and abusing his public office in an attempt to cover it up. Mr. Berlusconi was sentenced to seven years in prison and banned from public office for life. He recently lost an appeal of an earlier tax fraud conviction.

Mr. Berlusconi, owner of a vast media empire, insisted that he is innocent — on his Facebook page.


“Berlusconi Is Sentenced to Seven Years in Sex Case, but Can Still Appeal Verdict,” Rachel Donadio and Elisabetta Poveledo, New York Times

“Berlusconi: ‘Sentenza violenta, io resisto alla persecuzione,'” ANSA

“Processo Ruby, condannato Silvio Berlusconi. 7 anni e interdizione perpetua dai pubblici uffici,” La Repubblica 


“Berlusconi, The End Is Near,” Marcello Sorgi, La Stampa via Worldcrunch


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Image by Mike Licht. Download a copy here. Creative Commons license; credit Mike Licht,

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Congressman Mark Sanford Sworn In

May 19, 2013

Congressman Mark Sanford Sworn In

Disgraced Former Governor Mark Sanford, noted Republican adulterer, was sworn in as the representative of South Carolina’s First Congressional District on Tuesday. Mr. Defense of Marriage Act was accompanied by his paramour, the lovely María Belén Chapur of Argentina. We recognized her from earlier photos.


Free Elmo!

November 14, 2012

Free Elmo!

“The man who accused Kevin Clash, the voice and puppeteer of the Sesame Street character Elmo, of an under-age sexual relationship has recanted that claim, his lawyer said on Tuesday.

The reversal came a day after the claim was published by the gossip Web site TMZ, threatening Mr. Clash’s reputation and alarming parents and other fans of the beloved children’s television franchise.”


Happy Birthday Silvio Berlusconi

September 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Silvio Berlusconi

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi turned 75 yesterday. The AC Milan soccer team sent greetings to the embattled billionaire — he owns the franchise — but he got brickbats from most Italians. His biggest gift was a new sex scandal: former Miss Montenegro Katarina Knezevic says she had an affair with him.


Berlusconi: ‘Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien’

September 15, 2011

Berlusconi: 'Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien'

“Coming from a politician who has previously likened himself to Napoleon and Jesus Christ, there was perhaps always going to be one answer when Silvio Berlusconi was asked what in the past he would change if given the chance.

 ‘No, there’s nothing that I consider a real mistake,’ replied the Italian prime minister, who has suffered a draining away of political support in recent times as he fended off accusations of sleeping with teenage prostitutes and charges that his country’s economy is now heading for the rocks under his erratic stewardship.”



May 17, 2011


Dominique Strauss-Kahn or “DSK,” head of the International Monetary Fund, is accused of raping a hotel maid in his $3,000-a-night suite. At last, international finance news we can understand.

Betsy Rothstein rates the scandal coverage:

“IMF Sex Scandal Headline: Who Did it Best?” Betsy Rothstein, FishbowlDC

Courtney Comstock at Business Insider made the real headline find, last month’s French interview with alleged dirty old man Strauss-Kahn:

“Oui, j’aime les femmes, et alors?” [“Yes, I Love Women, So What?”] Antoine Guiral, Libération

The virtual linguist snares a turn of French phrase, DSK described as “a chaud lapin or ‘hot rabbit,’ which evokes quite a different picture to the English equivalents ladies’ man or Don Juan.”


Charlie Sheen, Commencement Speaker?

March 4, 2011

Charlie Sheen, Commencement Speaker?

Students at Washington, DC’s George Washington University want controversial television star Charlie Sheen as their 2012 commencement speaker, and they’ve started a Facebook campaign to get him. This year another sexy celeb is featured at the school’s graduation: Michael Bloomberg.