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“Who’s the Immigrant?”

June 27, 2012

Who's the Immigrant?

Congressman Luis Gutierrez (D, IL-4) imagined what Arizona’s lawmen will have to do when they try to enforce the state’s “Show Me Your Papers” law.  He previewed the scenario as a new quiz show, “Who’s the Immigrant?”, on the House floor today:


Arizona: Show Me Your Papers!

June 26, 2012

Arizona: Show Me Your Papers!

The Supreme Court of the United States has overturned most of Arizona’s immigration law, denying the state’s right to make its own immigration policy. The court reasserted the constitutionally mandated powers of the Federal Government in these matters.


Arizona: State of Shame

May 13, 2010

Corridos (ballads) are the traditional “newspapers” of the Spanish-speaking Southwest. Here’s one by California’s Eugene Rodriguez about a new Arizona law. It’s performed by his group, Los Cenzontles. The video features photographs by Bill Steen of The Canelo Project.

More here.

Hat tip: Amy Kitchener, ACTA.

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Celebrities Slam Arizona Law

April 30, 2010

Celebrities Slam Arizona Law

Arizona has a new law. Now police can stop you just because you look like your family lived there before Arizona was the USA.  People everywhere are upset:


Arizona: ‘Show Me Your Papers!’

April 29, 2010

Arizona: 'Show Me Your Papers!'

Welcome to Arizona. Papers, please.

Arizona’s new “Support Law Enforcement & Safe Neighborhoods for Paranoid White People” law was originally based on a simple-minded concept of “trespassing.” Now it preempts federal law under a dubious claim of “concurrent enforcement.” In practice it means local police can stop people who speak with accents or have tan complexions without cause and demand documents proving their legal right to tread on Arizona soil. You can buy a gun in the state without a permit, but carry your passport in Arizona if your skin is tawny.

Actually, in the name of fairness, everyone  in The Grand Canyon State may be asked to show their papers. Arizona could pitch this as a tourist attraction:

 “So Near and Yet So Totalitarian.”

Now that Governor Jan Brewer has signed this racist absurdity into law, four things are sure to happen: