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Bernie vs Trump: Epic Kvetch-Fest Called Off

May 31, 2016

Bernie vs Trump: Epic Kvetch-Fest Called Off

Last Wednesday night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel goaded tax cheat, mob associate, and GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump into agreeing to debate the issues with Democratic contender Bernie Sanders. Trump later specified a condition: a $10 million contribution to charity. His bluff was called by Cenk Uygur of Young Turks and tech CEO Richie Hecker, who offered to donate the cash.

So much for “promises kept.” Trump reneged.

In a voluminous press release of 116 whole words — several of them over 2 syllables long — Mr. Trump declined to debate Senator Sanders, saying he won’t debate a loser.


“Donald Trump Says He Won’t Debate Bernie Sanders,” Janet Hook, Wall Street Journal

“Trump says he’s no longer open to debating Bernie Sanders,” Sean Sullivan, Washington Post


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Bernie Surges!

July 17, 2015

Bernie Surges!
Vermont’s Democratic Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders is drawing bigger crowds than any other 2016 presidential candidate, 2,500 in Iowa, 10,000 in one Wisconsin event alone. While some think his positions are too radical for America, others think they have more in common with Teddy Roosevelt than Eugene Debs.

Right now Senator Sanders’ grassroots effort is gaining on Hillary Clinton in the polls. All he needs now is some kind of campaign song ….