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Expense Account Adultery

November 20, 2009

Expense Account Adultery

Today’s Government Executive Tip: Travel expenses for adulterous trysts are not reimbursable.

San Diego State University Athletic Director Jeff Schemmel resigned yesterday after being cited for “improper use of state funds.” In January, Mr. Schemmel traveled to the resort city of Point Clear, Alabama for a romantic interlude with Carolyn Lineberger. The two are married, but not to each other.

Mr.  Schemmel, who earned $257,000 annually at SDSU, claimed $460 in reimbursements on his university expense account for the adulterous excursion. The university punished the disgraced executive by paying him $116,000 and forgiving a $20,000 home loan payment, apparently drawn on some kind of non-governmental Athletic Department slush fund.