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1000 Dollars and a Scam

August 1, 2010

1000 Dollars and a Scam

Texas billionaire Sam Wyly needs to write a sequel to his self-congratulatory memoir 1000 Dollars and an Idea. Mr. Wyly and his brother Charles have been charged with 13 years of securities fraud yielding $550 million in illegal gains. The Wyly brothers stashed their loot offshore in the Cayman Islands and Isle of Man. Now that’s a story.


Sheriff Andy’s Health Care Posse

July 31, 2010

Sheriff Andy's Health Care Posse

There’s been a heap o’ loose talk ’round Mayberry ’bout the new health care reform law. Barney Fife’s friend Sara has pore Aunt Bea plumb scairt to death, and lil’ Opie, he cain’t hardly sleep a wink.

Let’s all just simmer down here, now, and see what Sheriff Andy has to say ’bout this: