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Contest With a Twist

July 30, 2013

Contest With a Twist

“After three days of competition in the 2013 Rubik’s Cube World Championships at the Riviera, Feliks Zemdegs of Australia was crowned the new champion on Sunday ….

There were 15 events and 575 competitors from 37 countries from Friday through Sunday, and Zemdegs, in an orange hoodie, was victorious, completing his 3×3 Rubik’s cube in 8.18 seconds.”

— “Aussie wins 2013 Rubik’s Cube World Championships at Riviera,”  Don Chareunsy, Las Vegas Sun


World-Class Competition

August 13, 2012

Portrait of Johannes Neudörfer, His Son, and Their Rubik's Cube, after Nicolas Neufchâtel

What with all the hype about those badminton, horse-dancing, and bikini-ball contests in London, you might have missed last week’s really big sports event, the Rubik’s Cube U.S. Nationals in Las Vegas: