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What Glenn Beck Means to DC

August 27, 2010

 What Glenn Beck Means to DC

Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, and thousands of their gun-totin’ pals from the National Rifle Association are coming to the Nation’s Capital on Saturday to commemorate their deeply held belief in something-or-other. The date, January 28th, is the 47th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, and the rally will be in the same place it was heard, the Lincoln Memorial. Perhaps the NRA will have T-shirts honoring Dr. King and President Lincoln, both assassinated by gunshot.

 But this weekend’s event means more than hijacked history, Tea Party antics,  and Glenn Beck’s self-promotion. To the people of Washington, the rally means closed streets, crowded subways, and paranoid Tea Party tourists. In short, just another weekend in Washington.



“Glenn Beck’s 8/28 rally: An instant guide,” The Week.

“Glenn Beck and Al Sharpton: The Rallies of 8/28,” Washington Post.


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DC With Glenn Beck: Tea Party Tourism

August 24, 2010

DC With Glenn Beck: Tea Party Tourism

Glen Beck and his pals are observing the 47th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech next Saturday (August 28, 2010) by gathering at the Lincoln Memorial with the National Rifle Association. Very fitting, since President Lincoln and Rev. King were assassinated by gunshot.

Beck’s buddies are boldly standing up for something-or-other but, unlike 20 million other tourists each year, they’re scared stiff of Washington DC. Beck blogs warn them to avoid the Green and Yellow Metro lines where they might encounter rampaging hordes of junior high students and other urban horrors.